fredag den 20. november 2009


I won't have time to post tomorow so i'm just doing it now.
I'm working tomorow and going to a friends dinner-birthday-party right after so i'm already sensing a hectic day coming my way. and afterwards we're all going to this big birthday-bash so i'll be pretty tired sunday.
I'm planning on going a bit more casual than usually, i'm getting a great deal of inspiration from this photo of Dree Hemingway (such a gorgeous girl)
I don't have a red clutch, i sure want one so i'm just workin' some flaming red nail polish, some skinny jeans (grey or blue, don't know yet) some ordinary, black heels without platforms wich is an extremely weird thing for me to do but i'm kinda going for a more sophisticated look lately and a black silk top with a deep v-neck and a cute belt.
There might be a picture from the birthday-party of my outfit, i'll post it then.
The reason why I named this post "women" is because I have been feeling like one recently. I've considered my self (for a long time now) as a very boyish-girl especially when it comes to behavior. I'm kind of contradicting my self because I love shoes, bags, clothes, make-up and dressing up, i'm doing it as i sit here writing but you get the point.
But i'm I the only girl that ever wanted to be a boy instead? Not that i'm hating woman-hood but GOD it can be exhausting sometimes. Agree?

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