tirsdag den 27. oktober 2009

mandag den 26. oktober 2009

HALLOWEEN coming up

There is an Halloween party coming up on my school and I thought about making af glitter mask on my face with some theater make-up just like Mary-kate around the eyes. And I found an lipstick that looks actually like chanels new lipstick Rouge Noir. It's very dark, brownish and redish.. it looks very cool!

søndag den 25. oktober 2009


When my salary comes.. I'm buying these three items for sure!

fur vest

what a beauty!


PLEASE live in my closet

onsdag den 21. oktober 2009


I saw these girls at my favorite bar in Copenhagen I asked them if I could take a picture of them for my blog and they didn't believe. But i'am loving the black tights with the symatric holes and ofcourse the boots the girl to the right is wearing.

mandag den 19. oktober 2009


Has already fallin' in love with the army-green combined with golden sequins and black leather.

søndag den 18. oktober 2009

fredag den 16. oktober 2009

tirsdag den 13. oktober 2009

mandag den 12. oktober 2009

new stuff

1. Army shirt, bought in Berlin in the coolest store with army left outs. 2. New Bag from Bianco, it has the smoothest leather texture to it and love the chains. 3. Vintage belt 4. Hair piece or what ever you wanna call it, it's getting cold outside. 5. Leopard print pants from cheap monday. 6. New ballerinas from Jette Riis with studs. 7. Vinatge Givenchy broche.