tirsdag den 28. juli 2009

fredag den 24. juli 2009

NEW stuff

Pic 1: WONHUNDRED blouse in a light grey tone, bouhgt at Roskilde Festival. It has a cute cut by the pocket and shows of the shoulders.

pic 2: Tee bought in Turky with feather print and sequins and frinches on the back.

3: White tee with a girl with an attitude on it. Gotta love that!

4: bleetched denim, G-star.

5: Organic bodystocking with lace. Bought in Turky

6: Burberry ballerinas. I'm usaully not the type who likes the burberry print but if i wear them enough so they might get a bit torn they can be really cool for a ripped up, dark outfit.

7: Purses I bought for my girls in Turky

8: Gold ring with a diamond I got on my 18 th birthday the 5th of July.

9: A necklace i bought in Turky it says: God. It reminded me of a necklace I had seen on MK olsen.

10: I totally forgot that i once had bought a white purse with an gold H on it on a market, it looks like Hermés. and i bought this awesom zipo in turky and Ray Bans..

11: My new "Chanel" purses. If you can find fake that looks authentic, buy it! I love fake when it looks like the real deal.

12: Shorts and jeans i bought just before Roskilde, they were my babies on the festival.. Lovin' the ripped part it on the front and on the back. Cheap Monday and Zara denim.

What makes you, MAKE UP.

pic 1: Looove the aqua blue on her eye lids.
A posible project for a beach party?

pic 2: The dark smokey eyes are allways a winner at a party.

pic 3: The more difficult look, the neutral one, the look where you have to look neutral WITH make up on.
It's mostly girls like her who have flawless skin who can pull it off.

VACATION fantasy

Is lovin the beautifull bed and the glass doors with a, probably, amazing view.

The simplisity of the picture is fab.

torsdag den 23. juli 2009


Hello everyone.
I've been on vacation in a while so I haven't been able to wright at all.
I've been at Roskilde Festival in Denmark for a week an then straight to Turky, Alanya for two weeks.
I've fallen in glass in Turky so I have now 9 stitches on my arm, not so great.
I will soon post some pictures of my vacation and the new things that i have bought.