fredag den 24. juli 2009

NEW stuff

Pic 1: WONHUNDRED blouse in a light grey tone, bouhgt at Roskilde Festival. It has a cute cut by the pocket and shows of the shoulders.

pic 2: Tee bought in Turky with feather print and sequins and frinches on the back.

3: White tee with a girl with an attitude on it. Gotta love that!

4: bleetched denim, G-star.

5: Organic bodystocking with lace. Bought in Turky

6: Burberry ballerinas. I'm usaully not the type who likes the burberry print but if i wear them enough so they might get a bit torn they can be really cool for a ripped up, dark outfit.

7: Purses I bought for my girls in Turky

8: Gold ring with a diamond I got on my 18 th birthday the 5th of July.

9: A necklace i bought in Turky it says: God. It reminded me of a necklace I had seen on MK olsen.

10: I totally forgot that i once had bought a white purse with an gold H on it on a market, it looks like Hermés. and i bought this awesom zipo in turky and Ray Bans..

11: My new "Chanel" purses. If you can find fake that looks authentic, buy it! I love fake when it looks like the real deal.

12: Shorts and jeans i bought just before Roskilde, they were my babies on the festival.. Lovin' the ripped part it on the front and on the back. Cheap Monday and Zara denim.

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