søndag den 27. september 2009


I'm having some hair problems.
1. I'm going to my senior prom this friday and I'm not sure what to do with my hair. i'm liking the curly hair in the middle but I would like to have it up. hmm?
2. I'm thinking about cutting or color my hair or both but i'am not sure which way to go:
Short or keeping it long? I love ashleys transformation with the short do and it gives her an very sofisticated look but i'm not ashley olsen so i'm afraid I cant pull it of like her.
My hair right now looks alot like the first picture a little blonder maybe.
And many of my friends say i should bleach my hair even more to icy blonde and yes it looks fierce on some people (models) but i'm not a model and i've always said that if i should color my hair it should be in a more naturel color like dark blonde or ashy blond, what do you think?


the gold necklace is designed by Nicole Richie in the name of House og Harlow. I like it better in black but it's not available on asos.com
The silver bracelet looks alot like burberry last season but I like it anyways.
The dress I looove i'm thinking on buying it. I'm thinking with apair of thick pantihoes and suede Dr. Martens.

mandag den 21. september 2009


lovin'the color combi with orange and blue.

fredag den 18. september 2009

torsdag den 17. september 2009



Oh La la

Just some insperation for today.


Some time soon my good friend Andreas is gonna be my guest blogger.
It could be nice with a boys perspective on fashion.

mandag den 14. september 2009


just an ordinary monday.

lørdag den 12. september 2009


jeans; zara. shoes; vegabond. New bag from a unknown store. shirt; weekday.
jeans; Zara. Shoes; Bianco. jacket; Silence+niose. purse; h&m.

tirsdag den 8. september 2009

DIY project

I saw this pic of Sienna and thought about a DIY and I knew I had and old Cheap Monday striped shirt so i bought some fabric paint and did my self.
I know my "C" are not as perfectly shaped as the original ones.

MONKI again

I did some "MONKI" shopping again today and found these high-waisted trousers for 20 kr!


I saw this pic on another blog and it reminded me of a pair of vintage glasses I had somewhere and then I found them and they are quit similar.

mandag den 7. september 2009


My last proom at school is in october and i'm totally late with a dress.. Wich do you prefer?
I thought about a long black chiffon dress with feather shoulder pats.


coooome to mamma!

smells and belts

torsdag den 3. september 2009

MONKI buisness

I did a little impulse shopping today. I went to one of my favorite shops "Monki" it's swedish. Happily they had a huuuge sale.. 20 kr. corner filt with clothes.. But i only found these three items..
The black dress/long tee has shoulder pats.
The skirt is just a must-have in my closet. could look nice with a v-neck tee.
The baby-blue mochasins were they only ones I could fit.. I'm gonna make DIY project with some silver studs.


red blouse; vintage. Shorts; Cheap Monday (cutted) Belt; vintage. Shoes; burberry. Glasses; Ray Ban.
Short tee; Monki. High waisted shorts; Gina Tricot. Belt; vintage. Gold platform shoes; vintage.
Leather skirt; Forever 21. Tank; weekday. Jacket; Ivan Grundahl. Purse; chanel. Glasses; Mads Nørregaard.