søndag den 27. september 2009


I'm having some hair problems.
1. I'm going to my senior prom this friday and I'm not sure what to do with my hair. i'm liking the curly hair in the middle but I would like to have it up. hmm?
2. I'm thinking about cutting or color my hair or both but i'am not sure which way to go:
Short or keeping it long? I love ashleys transformation with the short do and it gives her an very sofisticated look but i'm not ashley olsen so i'm afraid I cant pull it of like her.
My hair right now looks alot like the first picture a little blonder maybe.
And many of my friends say i should bleach my hair even more to icy blonde and yes it looks fierce on some people (models) but i'm not a model and i've always said that if i should color my hair it should be in a more naturel color like dark blonde or ashy blond, what do you think?

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