onsdag den 13. januar 2010


1. moccasins from "skoringen" only 350 ,-
2. Vagabond shoe from "Jette Riis" 350,-
3. Grey bag from H&M only 180,- and a black leather fannypack.
4. Old vintage sweater I cut into a cardi.
5. Blue silk dress from H&M only 125,-
6. Grey dress from Zara 399,- (with shoulder pats!)
7. Sonia Rykiel for H&M underwear.
8. Skirt from Topshop only 50,- (it has pockets, cute!)
9. Long black dress from Gina Tricot only 50,-
10. Feather skirt from Zara paid 160,- (it actually costs more but they didn't know)

..Have bought more but thats just some basics. some tees, a cardi and so on..

2 kommentarer:

  1. hvor har du sophia skoene fra ?

  2. fra Jette riis, som der står din gong :)
    god bedring..