tirsdag den 23. juni 2009


I have a lot of jewleries but I have never been good at wearing them for very long but i recently found my old, fake, Rolex watch wich I bought in Thailand. My earrings are from a street booth in New York, the Ying & Yang necklace is from Paris from a very small and lovely store in Montmatre. The ring was a gift given to my mother from my father, they've split since so now it's mine, it's gold with green emeralds.
I were in New York with my class in february and Bleecker Street was the place to be. I've allways loved Marc Jacobs but I could never afford it here in Copenhagen so I found this little Marc Jacobs store where all the items were cheap and I found this fanny pack for 34$ and it's going to be on my waist all summer long especially at Roskilde Festival.

I found these when I was vintage shopping with a friend of mine and found these in his local vintage store and they are perfect for the summer. They are shiny gold with high white platforms and are very 90's and comfortable too.

Again winter boots wich also has to go in the back of my closet but not for now. I like to wear them with a pair of ripped jeans or shorts now at summer time. They are also vintage. I found them in our basement storage room and had forgotten all about them so I was a very happy girl when i found them.

I know that black and white stribes are about to go out of style but i found this blouse at my local vintage store and I had to have it. It has very cute buttons that doesn't show in the picture but if you wear it with the right combinations, it's very nice.

I love summer so I'am glad that i can put all my winter clothing in the back of my closet but i'm gonna miss my favorite winter jacket.
I bought this jacket in a vintage store in Copenhagen called: København K.

I bought this coral/peach colored jacket in a vintage store where I live.
It's very warm so I would have to wait to wear it till winter time.

I finally convinced my mother to help me buy these. I bought them in Copenhagen at Bianco.
I love the brown heels and the silver studs it's a great mix of feminim and rock n roll.

My current highest pair of stilettos bought in New York in "Shoemania." They had a huge sale and I was very lucky but I have a bad habbit when I'm drunk i tend to forget to watch out for waterpits and holes in the ground so I allways ruin my new fabulous shoes.

("CH" it says, the rest of the name is not gold anymore but you can see it carved in the shoe sole.)

Vintage Chanel shoes bought in a vintage shop in London Nothinghill for 1 pund.

Blue and white stribed dress from: silence + noise bought in New York Urban outfitters.
I've borrowed it from a girlfriend of mine.

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